Hi, I’m Tamara,(owner of studio two) I love my dog and my husband (not in that order), great music, fine wine, must have a coffee every afternoon (current fave is Brazza),looking at good clothes, decor, jewellery, sunsets and sleeping out under the stars.Travelling the world to hit every place on my bucket list, our most recent trip was to nine countries in Africa (and not the cushy way….we travelled by truck), when summer hits we try to stay active on the water or near the beach,waterskiing, boating and kayaking/canoeing.

Abbye has joined me in the last year as associate photographer and mostly writes this blog! She loves eating kraft dinner, making hats, reading science fiction and wears flip flops as soon as it’s not cold anymore. She just got back from a crazy road trip down the Oregon Coast (but don’t ask about the car troubles).

Together we hope to make your experience at studio two something to remember and keep you laughing.

Welcome to North Vancouver’s boutique portrait studio.

2 Responses to About

  1. junmei says:

    Hi there, Kathie French refers me to your studio. As a new realtor, I need to get a couple of shots. Pls reply to junmeizhao@gmail.com for quotation and idea and such.

    Junmei S.

  2. Louise Taylor says:

    Hi I need some new head shots for business.. Would you please give me an idea of price and availability.
    Thank you. Louise louise.taylor@shaw.ca

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